Growth Achievers Focuses on Bringing the Best Out of People

 We believe that the Ultimate Success in life is through Growth.

We help individuals to step out of their comfort zone and be the best version of themselves to achieve success on their terms.

Redefining Education

For the longest time, people spent their early years going through conventional education to achieve so-called career success in life. But most people are never happy about their lives.

They lack a clear purpose, goal, and drive. Growth Achievers focuses on what the education system lacks – which is the ability to achieve high performance through Personal Mastery & People Mastery.

And we aim to achieve this by bringing you high-impact training programs, experiential learnings and sharing of transformational ideas from top achievers who has already walked the path both Online and Offline.

At Growth Achievers, we aim to create a community who share the same VALUES as us.


Growth is the key to happiness. We are constantly pushing ourselves and challenging the status quo to reach the next level of life.


It’s never about the resources you lack. It’s about being resourceful enough to look for resources. We continuously strive for the impossible by holding on to this belief.


You can’t change your life with a negative mind. We filled our lives with positivity and always anticipate the best.


As Growth Achievers, we play, learn and grow together as a team because we believe that we will become much stronger if we unite as one.


As Growth Achievers, we play, learn and grow together as a team because we believe that we will become much stronger if we unite as one.


We believe that achieving long term success is about keeping your feet on the ground and remain humble all the time. We are constantly striving to learn more and achieve more.

High-Impact Experiential Training

We combine cutting-edge technology and strategies to create an experiential learning experience to help our students achieve breakthrough results in their lives.

24/7 Online Learnings

We make learnings accessible anytime, anywhere by integrating profound knowledge with technology.

Strong Leverage & Support Through Community

Our monthly meetups create a community of like-minded people to connect and grow together.

5 Countries Training Completed

Lives Impacted
Satisfaction Rate 95%

Our Achievers

Meet Ong Shu Yi

Shu Yi was once that kid with zero confidence and tons of self-doubts. A horrifying public speaking experience made Shu Yi decide that he would never speak in public again.

At the age of 18, Shu Yi was miserable in his life, not knowing what his passions are and what to do in life…until he discovered a tool that changed his entire course of life – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Shu Yi managed to transform himself from a guy with low self-esteem, to one of the National Youngest & Top Peak Performance Coach. Shu Yi has managed to publish a best-selling book, train thousands of people on stage, scale his business into 5 countries and fulfil his dream as a TedX Speaker in just a span on 2 years.

Growth Achievers Book

When Success Meets Happiness

When Success Meets Happiness is written by the co-founder of Growth Achievers, Ong Shu Yi to advocate the importance of Success and Happiness in life. This book has been distributed across different countries such as Singapore, Australia and Canada, read by some of the top CEOs and Managers from Fortune 500 Companies and SMEs and even saved a life of a depression patient!

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