Unlocking High-Performance Workshop

NLP Certification Program

Discover the Proven 3-Step Formula to 3X your Sales and Performance in the next 12 Months by Establishing Yourself as an Influential Figure

Unlocking High Performance Workshop is a NLP Certification Program designed to help you achieve your career goals in an accelerated period of time. Our program combines the techniques of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and High-Impact Experiential Activities to help you establish yourself as an influential figure to achieve your most ambitious goals.


Sales Professionals & Business Owners:

Managers & Industry Leaders:

Educators & Coaches:


"I had been struggling with constant peak and throughs in my life. Shu Yi helped me through a powerful process, to bring my focus on how my personal life choices and emotional states are directly related to my success in all areas of my life. The end results achieved in my eyes was priceless. With Shu Yi’s help, I feel my life has broken free from the merry go round in which I used to just go through the motions. I am now able to perform better at work with much higher productivity and confidence."
Lea Davis
Performance Consultant (Australia)
"Shu Yi is truly passionate and hungry to share and lead people up to reach their full potential. He has achieved so much yet remain humble at heart while having the desire to become more. He has been a great inspiration not only to me but others around him."
David Ng
Motivational Speaker & Trainer
"One special trait of Shu Yi as a coach is his passion to help others. He is very calm and knows exactly what he is doing. Before I had my session with him, I thought I was pretty much clear from all my issues but it turned out there was much more hidden inside me. Even though it was some serious issues that we uncovered, he handled it well with me going back into the issue. I'm glad I made the decision to do it with him. That workshop completed my transformation and I am extremely grateful for Shu Yi's help."
Brian Lorenz
Master Wellness Coach (Australia)

Gain Unstoppable Confidence

3X Your Income & Performance

Establish Yourself as the Figure of Authority

Become a Visionary Leader in your Field

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