The Achievers Show

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About The Achievers Show

The Achievers Show is a Real, Authentic Talkshow that explores the mindset of World’s Top Achievers to learn from their secret of success. 

The aim of the Achievers show is designed to help people with the strategy, mindset, and toolset to achieve breakthrough results in their lives and unlock their deepest potential.

Our Vision

We aim to build a community of like-minded individuals who come together to connect, grow and learn from the world’s best teachers, both online and offline. This event gathers visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, and more!

Learning from Self-Made Millionaires, Award-Winning Entrepreneurs & Celebrity Figures

Live Talk Show

Online Talk Show

Harsha Ravindran

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What Our Guests Have To Say:

"It’s a pleasure working with Shu Yi with his friendly approach and warming setup. I highly recommend The Achievers Show to any guests because the knowledge he puts up and the people he interviewed will add so much value to the people watching it."
Leza Klenk
Founder, Spendless Cosmetics
"Shu Yi has really done a great job to get the successful mentors and people who walked the path in their lives to share how they do it. This show will be very valuable for you to learn from the people that Shu Yi has met and how he dissected all this knowledge and bring it to you for free."
Coach Kar Fei
Resident Coach, Mindvalley
"Shu Yi hosted The Achievers Show where I was a guest at and show great enthusiasm in creating value for the attendees. He made sure that there was clarity in the session and engaged the audience promptly. Will definitely look forward to see his growth in the industry."
Jan Wong
Founder, Open Mind
"The Achievers Show has definitely a profounding impact on life experiences shared by the speakers. Really an enlightenment that you will remember for a lifetime."
Jazz Tan
CEO, Youths Today
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