Achieve Your Desired
Goals Within 90 Days

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You have a career goal that you want to achieve, you know what you need to do, but you just don’t feel motivated to do the necessaries to achieve your goals.
  • You know you have so much potential, but there are certain limiting beliefs or fear that is pulling you back from reaching your goals.
  • You have no idea what you want to do in life.
  • You know exactly what your goals are and what you want, but you just don’t know what you need to do to get you to where you want to be.

And It Is Extremely Understandable
If You Are Feeling:

  • Doubtful that you are the only “Exceptional Person” who doesn’t deserve to be successful & enjoy life
  • Worried & Anxious about taking the courage to do your best, but still don’t see the results you want
  • Stressed out about your career & not making enough money
  • Frustrated that you are remaining at the same place & not progressing further in life.

Deep down, you know you are meant for something great!

What if you start taking MASSIVE action and you are able to: 

  • Have Immense Confidence in yourself and you no longer fear how people may judge you.
  • Achieve great results in your career that will give you the financial stability to do what you love.
  • Conquer your fear and be 100% certain that you CAN, and You WILL achieve your goals.
  • Live everyday of your life feeling fulfilled, happy, grateful and other positive emotions.
  • Find your passion and do what you love.

Here’s How We Can Help

In a period of 5 weeks, you will work hand-in-hand with our Peak Performance Coach, Shu Yi to:

Goal Plans

Create a Detailed Short-Term, Medium-Term and Long-Term Goal Plan and be extremely clear on what you want to achieve.


To breakthrough your years of limiting beliefs and help you achieve greater heights in your career.


Find clarity in your passion and discover what you love to do.

Eliminate Self Doubts

Eliminate all the self-doubts and fears that you have so that you can focus 100% on your goals.


To create awareness for the Powerful Strategies that you can use to fast track your progress to achieve your goals.


Why work with Shu Yi?

During his university days, Shu Yi was already achieving exceptional results in his life. Shu Yi became one of the youngest authors in his university with his book called When Success Meets Happiness. Shu Yi has coached and trained over 1000 entrepreneurs, leaders, and students from countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, and Canada to help them find Clarity, Confidence, and Charisma in their career.

Every month, Shu Yi only worked with a selected number of individuals to ensure maximum results in the coaching session. If you would like to understand more about how Shu Yi can help you to achieve breakthrough results, hop on a Free 30-minute Consultation with Shu Yi to see if you are the right fit for the program.

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