About Shu Yi

Certified NLP Trainer

Certified NLP Coach

Certified Tetramap Facilitator (CTF)

Certified B.A.N.K. Code Practitioner

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur...
Shu Yi understood what it takes to go from being an invisible kid to becoming an influential figure who speaks to thousands of people on stages around the world. He was once that kid with zero confidence and tons of self-doubts. A horrifying public speaking experience made him decide that he would never speak in public again.

At the age of 18, Shu Yi was miserable in his life, not knowing what his passions are and what to do in life. He was on the brink of giving up, until he discovered a tool that changed his entire course of life – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Shu Yi managed to transform himself from a guy with low self-esteem, to one of the National Youngest & Top Peak Performance Coach. He has managed to publish a best-selling book, train thousands of people on stage, scale his business into 5 countries and fulfil his dream as a Tedx Speaker in just a span on 2 years.

Throughout the years, Shu Yi has worked with Founders of Million-dollar Company, Self-Made Millionaires and Award-Winning Entrepreneurs to really understand what drive people to be influential and successful in what they do.

Today, Shu Yi is on a mission to help 10,000 people to unleash their deepest potential and establish themselves an influential figure in their field.

"Very inspiring and talented young man. He will fuel you with hopes and dreams to live up to your full potential."
Jazz Tan
CEO, Youths Today
"I have had the great opportunity to work with Shu Yi as his colleague in Thriving Talents, where we have developed & delivered training programmes together to Fortune 500 clients. Being a speaker, consultant and an author myself, I have seen Shu Yi's tenacity in building value to our clients, through his assistance in our high-impact training programmes, while also being a great teacher himself, in his own rights. I would like to endorse Shu Yi's new book and his passion in developing the human potential."
Michael Teoh
Founder, Thriving Talents
"Young, driven, positive and he lives life with a cause. Seldom have I seen someone who dares to try, dares to fail, dares to reach out and make an impact. His goal is to help people breakout of their mould and to make an impact in their own lives, which is why he established Growth Achievers."
Audrey Ling
CEO, Next Academy
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